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About Me

With over 13 years of experience across a broad range of businesses both big and small, no challenge is too big to overcome where business growth is concerned.

Marketing is my passion, and I and a select team of like-minded marketing experts aim to get to the core of your business needs and help build a sustainable, replicable path to growth.

I’m a big believer in living a balanced life, and when I’m not driving growth for my clients, I try to spend as much time outside as possible to recharge the batteries and allow space for creative thinking.

Surfing, freediving, running, hiking – as long as there’s fresh air, I’ll be there!

"Caspar is the epitome of what a modern day technical marketer should be; growth oriented, always learning and humble to the fact that he does not know it all. His passion for digital marketing is infectious, and he has continued to challenge myself and all those around him to strive for continual improvement. Caspar effortlessly mixes analytical, development and creative skills and is a heavy weight asset to any team wanting growth. I have loved my time working with Caspar, he is one of the best team players out there."
Logan Estop-Hall
CEO, Daleth